Overview of 3R Drawbar

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This section provides an Overview of 3R Drawbar, delving into what MaxxMacro Workholding 3R Drawbars are, their functionality, and their essential role in CNC machining workholding. Additionally, we’ll provide visual insights with images to better illustrate their real-world application.

3R Drawbar: Functionality and Application

MaxxMacro Workholding 3R Drawbars serve as essential components linking pallets with chucks within the clamping system. Specifically designed for hard milling, sinker EDM, and wire EDM applications in CNC machining, these 3R drawbars are compatible with MaxxMacro, MaxxMagnum, and other Macro 3R products, offering a versatile solution for various machining needs.

Interfaces and Variants

Our 3r drawbars feature two interlocking ends, the top end which meets with the pallet is offered in two variants, first one, most widely used comes with a 90° twist lock. The other variant is used in Macro Junior Drawbars, instead of a twist lock it comes with a threaded connection. The bottom end of the 3R drawbars is offered in a wide range of interfaces, ensuring compatibility with different applications and chuck types whether manual, pneumatic, low profile or automatic.


We secure the pallets in place and pull them downwards with varying forces depending on the chuck type. This brings the Z references into contact, generating the necessary flexion in the pallet tabs. As a result, the piece is accommodated precisely in the X and Y axes, achieving exceptional repeatability of 0.002mm.


MaxxMacro Workholding 3R Drawbars are crafted from high-quality stainless steel 420 or 440c materials, chosen based on the specific application requirements. The choice between these materials depends on factors such as hardness, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance, ensuring longevity and durability in demanding machining environments.

Other Features

These 3R drawbars are engineered to withstand the rigors of hard milling, sinker EDM, and wire EDM processes. They deliver a secure and precise clamping mechanism for workpieces, guaranteeing optimal accuracy and repeatability in your machining operations. Additionally, they incorporate an O-ring to guarantee a secure connection for flushing, facilitating the flow of dielectric fluid if required.

Equivalents in Other Systems

While these 3R drawbars are specific to the MaxxMacro (System 3R) system, equivalents exist in other systems. In the ER system, they are known as spigots, while in the Zero Point system, they are referred to as studs. While their functionality and morphology may vary in these systems, the basic premise of secure workpiece clamping remains consistent.


As presented in our Overview of 3R Drawbar, MaxxMacro Workholding 3R Drawbars are essential for CNC machining. They provide secure, precise clamping for various applications, including hard milling, sinker EDM, and wire EDM. These 3R drawbars ensure reliability and performance, resulting in optimal machining results. If you’d like to learn more about our MaxxMacro Workholding 3R Drawbars or explore how they can enhance productivity and quality in your machining operations, feel free to contact us. We’re here to help you achieve success in your machining endeavors.